Mind2Teach - București

Mind2Teach - București

400 Lei

Locatie Centrul DA, Str. Adrian 22-24, Bucuresti

Mind2Teach @ELT

Course details:

Duration: a 40-hour methodology course on SEL blended ELT (10 x 4-hour sessions/month)



Brief description


October 14th

Engaging Learners’ Motivation, Lesson Design (Setting Aims), Classroom Management-

Group formation, icebreakers and warmers, goal setting, engaging learners


November 25th

Social and Emotional Learning

SEL: Overview, the role of emotions in learning 


December 16th

Getting along with Grammar & Vocabulary

Teach grammar and vocabulary lessons in creative, engaging, and motivating ways, Assessment & Evaluation


January 13th

Creative & Engaging Ways of exploiting Reading & Listening

Developing primary and secondary students’ listening and reading skills, Assessment & Evaluation



February 24th

Understanding and Applying CLIL Methodology (Content and Integrated Language Learning)

Overview of CLIL Approaches, Principles of CLIL, Learning skills, CLIL Lessons (ideas & activities), Intercultural Awareness in CLIL Lessons, Project work.


March 9th

Creative & Engaging Ways of exploiting Writing/Speaking

Engage speaking fluency, communication, Assessment & Evaluation



April 27th

Using digital Technology in the Classroom

Using basic technology in the Classroom, Using video and audio tools


May 25th

Teaching English through Psychodrama

Overview, Linguistic Psychodrama, Psychodrama techniques applied in ELT


June 8th

Dealing with Disruptive Behavior

How to deal with disruptive behavior, Ways of reducing tension in the classroom-SEL


June 22nd

Storytelling, Music, Art & Games

Storytelling techniques, use of music, songs, visuals and fine arts, drama, and movement

Venue: Active Learning Training Center, Adrian Street 22-24, sector 5, București

Teacher Trainers: Simona Popa, Despina Malidou, Mihaela Olaru, Ileana Briceag, Marian Ivanel

Price: 100 lei/session

The course is suitable for teachers interested to: 

  • develop more their abilities to teach English in creative, engaging and motivating ways;
  • develop SEL techniques;
  • use language as an object mediator to self-development;
  • help students improve language skills while learning other subjects (CLIL);
  • help students develop critical and reflexive thinking;
  • develop humanistic techniques to approach holistic education

During the course we will explore ways to approach holistic and humanistic education. We will experience hands on activities you can use in class that make learning touchy, meaningful and relevant for your students. You will get to meet like-minded teachers with whom you can exchange ideas and collaborate. It’s an invitation to challenging our creativity, explore and experience new, innovative techniques in English Language Teaching which stimulate, motivate and increase students’ language and self-development.




Mihaela Olaru
Mihaela Olaru

Mihaela  Olaru holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Universal Literature and English issued by the University of Bucharest and has a teaching experience of over 10 years. She also has a TEFL and TEYL teaching Certificate issued by the UK and ALAP accredited TESOL Worldwide in 2017 and a training certificate issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education in 2010. She has been teaching English not only in public schools but also in renowned private schools and was actively involved in multiple international projects with countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, the UK, but also China and Taiwan. She joined Uniscan Grup Educational as an ELT Consultant and teacher trainer in 2019 and had multiple presentations and workshops in cities throughout the country.



Ileana Briceag
Ileana Briceag

Ileana Briceag is a teacher of English with many years of experience in the school system, which have helped her develop her own teaching philosophy that guides how to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond. Her strong beliefs that one’s school education goes hand in hand with personal development, a process which leads to the greater good of the society we live in, kept her close to continuously studying ELT methods and always searching for new approaches to involve not only learning English, but also developing one’s life skills to fulfill self-development. She is currently an ELT Consultant within Uniscan Grup Educational and Express Publishing.

Simona Popa
Simona Popa

Simona Popa este profesor de limba engleză, formator, psiholog și psihoterapeut de orientare psihanalitică și autor de manuale de dezvoltare personală pentru copii.

Simona consideră că rolul părinților și al profesorilor este unul primordial în modelarea personalității copiilor și că, pentru exercitarea acestor roluri cu succes, este necesar un proces de (auto)cunoaștere și învățare continuă printr-un demers în care pedagogia se articulează cu psihologia, oferind acces la substraturile profunde și complexe ale psihicului uman.

Simona ține workshop-uri de dezvoltare personală pentru copii și adolescenți, lucrează psihoterapeutic cu familii, cupluri, copii și adolescenți, și formativ cu grupuri de părinți și profesori. 

Este fondator al Centrului de dezvoltare personală și psihoterapie Didier Anzieu (Centrul DA) și Active Learning Training Center, înființate sub egida Uniscan Grup Educațional.

Este psiholog educațional și psihoterapeut cu drept de liberă practică avizat de Colegiul Psihologilor din România. 

Marian Ivanel
Marian Ivanel
Marian Ivanel is a dedicated English teacher and a lifelong learner. His involvement in the field of foreign languages dates back to his university years. For over 8 years, Marian has maintained a consistent commitment to his professional development. Consequently, he has accumulated an impressive array of international certifications. He holds the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) certification, which includes TKT Module 1, TKT Module 2, TKT Module 3, and TKT - Young Learners. In addition, he possesses the Cambridge University CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) and the IH-Young Learners and Teens Certificate.

Almost 3 years ago, Marian achieved a significant milestone in his career by becoming a Cambridge Speaking Examiner.

Marian is described by both students and colleagues as a consummate professional with a warm and friendly demeanor. His calm and patient nature contributes to creating a healthy and enjoyable classroom atmosphere.

As part of his ongoing professional development, Marian plans to attain a higher professional status by preparing for DELTA.

Beyond his passion for teaching English, Marian is also an enthusiastic musician who has delighted music enthusiasts with choral performances on some of Bucharest’s grandest stages. 

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