TeachFlow 101: Crafting Dynamic Classrooms

TeachFlow 101: Crafting Dynamic Classrooms


Locatie Casa Corpului Didactic Prahova

This is a free of charge course on SEL blended ELT.

The course is suitable for teachers interested to: 

develop more their abilities to teach English in creative, engaging and motivating ways;
develop SEL techniques;
use language as an object mediator to self-development;
help students improve language skills while learning other subjects (CLIL);
help students develop critical and reflexive thinking;
develop humanistic techniques to approach holistic education.

See below the session dates and themes:
* Every session will start at 9 am and lasts 3 hours (break included).


Brief description


Engaging Learners’ Motivation, Lesson Design (Setting Aims), Classroom Management-

Group formation, icebreakers and warmers, goal setting, engaging learners


Social and Emotional Learning

SEL: Overview, the role of emotions in learning 


Getting along with Grammar & Vocabulary

Teach grammar and vocabulary lessons in creative, engaging, and motivating ways, Assessment & Evaluation


Creative & Engaging Ways of exploiting Reading & Listening

Developing primary and secondary students’ listening and reading skills, Assessment & Evaluation


Creative & Engaging Ways of exploiting Writing/Speaking

Engage speaking fluency, communication, Assessment & Evaluation


During the course we will explore ways to approach holistic and humanistic education. We will experience hands on activities you can use in class that make learning touchy, meaningful and relevant for your students. You will get to meet like-minded teachers with whom you can exchange ideas and collaborate. It’s an invitation to challenging our creativity, exploring and experiencing new, innovative techniques in English Language Teaching which stimulate, motivate and increase students’ language and self-development.

Egina Buftea-Jercan
Egina Buftea-Jercan

Egina Buftea-Jercan graduated from the Bucharest University - the Faculty of Letters in 1997 and has been teaching English at Colegiul “Ferdinand I” Măneciu, Prahova County. She holds a PhD in Romanian and English Literature and is a teacher trainer and mentor. At the same time, she is involved with preparing students for Cambridge Examinations with excellent results. She is extremely dedicated to teaching and is continuously interested in her professional development. Egina loves working with children and helping them become the best version of themselves. She strongly believes that a teacher must be the student's partner in his learning journey as well as in his discovery. 

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