Developing Social & Emotional Skills during the English Class-SEL

Developing Social & Emotional Skills during the English Class-SEL

300 Lei

Locatie ALTC, Str. Adrian 22-24, BUCURESTI

Developing Social Emotional Skills during the English Class (SEL)

(The Connection between Academic and Social-Emotional Learning) - June 28-29, 2024


Venue: Active Learning Training Center (ALTC), 22-24 Adrian Street, sector 5, București


Emotions play an integral role in daily functioning through life. Moreover, feelings are crucial for success in education (as well as in life). Emotions are critical ingredients for optimal information processing, social communication, written communication, motivation, attention, concentration, memory, critical thinking skills, creativity, behaviour, physical health and even our very survival.


Using Psychodrama Techniques to develop SEL

During this -workshop we will familiarise ourselves with psychodrama instruments (stage, protagonists, auditory, auxiliary egos, alter-egos, props) and psychodrama techniques such as role reversal, double, mirroring, the empty chair, auxiliary chairs, amplification, role play, “chorus”, confrontation, drawing, sculptures, photographs, guided imagery, self-realization, making use of our spontaneity.


Using our Socio-Emotional Skills to Deal with Disruptive Behaviour

During this workshop we will explore the dynamics between emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, we will focus on empathy as meaning the capacity to identify and recognise the emotions of the others (our students and not only), starting to build awareness and competences of handling strong emotions. We will investigate specific situations we will create together relying on our class experiences to understand how we can become able to manage our student’s emotions and implicitly their behaviours. 

Developing SEL through Storytelling

This workshop aims to explore the intersection of English language teaching and socio-emotional learning through the powerful tool of storytelling. English teachers will learn how to integrate storytelling techniques into their lessons to create a more engaging and meaningful learning experience for their students. By incorporating socio-emotional learning principles, teachers can help students develop crucial life skills such as empathy, self-awareness, and emotional regulation, while also enhancing their language proficiency.


Participants will engage in hands-on activities and discussions to learn how to select and adapt stories for different proficiency levels, age groups, and learning objectives. They will also discover how to use storytelling as a platform for promoting positive values and fostering a sense of community within the classroom. By the end of the workshop, English teachers will leave with a toolkit of practical strategies and resources to effectively incorporate storytelling and socio-emotional learning into their English language lessons, helping to create a more holistic and impactful learning environment for their students.


Day 1, Friday 28th of June


Using Psychodrama Techniques to develop SEL for English Language Learners – Part I

Facilitator- Simona Popa

11:30-12:00 Coffee Break (free)

12:00 – 14:00

Using Psychodrama Techniques to develop SEL for English Language Learners – Part II

Facilitator- Simona Popa

14:00 – 15:00 Lunch Break (at the venue, 50 lei)

15:00 – 17:00

Developing SEL through Storytelling, Part I

Facilitator- Eliza Răducă

19:00 – Dinner together (Derby Pub, Eroilor, a la carte)


Day 2, Saturday 29th of June

09:30 – 11:30

Developing SEL through Storytelling, Part II

Facilitator- Eliza Răducă

11:30-12:00 Coffee Break (free)


Using our Socio-Emotional Skills to Deal with Disruptive Behaviour, Part I

Facilitator- Simona Popa

14:00 – 15:00 Lunch Break (at the venue, 50 lei)

15:00 – 17:00

Using our Socio-Emotional Skills to Deal with Disruptive Behaviour, Part II

Facilitator- Simona Popa

17:00 – 17:30 Closure, Prize draw sponsored by Express Publishing


Fee: 300 lei

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Ileana Briceag- 0733.300.901-   

Mihaela Olaru- 0733.300.909

Cristina Lepădatu- 0733.300.906

Simona Popa
Simona Popa
 Simona is a former teacher of English, currently educational psychologist, author of personal development coursebooks and therapist who likes working with children, teachers and parents to improve personal and interpersonal developmental skills. She believes that any human being has his own potential and failure is the result of a cumulus of emotions blocked. Thus, self-knowledge and self-awareness are the keys to achieving success and well-being. Only by being in contact with one’s emotions, by identifying them and understanding them we can make the changes we want in ourselves and in relations with the others and the world we live and are able to reach a high quality of well-being.


Simona is the founder of Active Learning Training Center where she facilitates self-development and professional development groups for teachers, offering educational consultancy and psycho-educational seminars for teachers and parents in partnerships with schools.

Eliza Raduca
Eliza Raduca

Eliza is a teacher, international speaker and presenter whose main educational interests have always been related to finding solutions to the needs of students and teachers alike. She has participated as a speaker in various conferences and seminars in our country and abroad in Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova, Germany driven by her desire to enlarge the perspective of her professional development. What she has always valued, as part of her development, has been the meaningful interaction between the trainer and the trainee and she has always enjoyed both perspectives, as they both contribute to our professional and personal growth. She has always been in search of improvement and innovation as she believes that the future of education depends on the development and the proper usage of a blend of technology and efficient teaching techniques.

She is a CELTA certified teacher, BETA, ASMERO and TESOL Greece affiliated member, holds a BA in Philology - Foreign Languages (Arabic, English) - the University of Bucharest, and a MSc - Master of Science in Political Science - the National School of Political Sciences and she has also taken part in the Oxford Teachers’ Academy Masterclass – the University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education & Oxford University Press.


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