Teaching English & Nurturing Wellbeing in Satu Mare

Teaching English & Nurturing Wellbeing in Satu Mare


Locatie Colegiul National Ioan Slavici

This is a free of charge 27-hour methodology course on SEL blended ELT held in 3-hour sessions on the last Saturday of each month (October 2023 – June 2024).

The course is suitable for teachers interested to: 

  • develop more their abilities to teach English in creative, engaging and motivating ways;
  • develop SEL techniques;
  • use language as an object mediator to self-development;
  • help students improve language skills while learning other subjects (CLIL);
  • help students develop critical and reflexive thinking;
  • develop humanistic techniques to approach holistic education.

During the course we will explore ways to approach holistic and humanistic education. We will experience hands on activities you can use in class that make learning touchy, meaningful and relevant for your students. You will get to meet like-minded teachers with whom you can exchange ideas and collaborate. It’s an invitation to challenging our creativity, exploring and experiencing new, innovative techniques in English Language Teaching which stimulate, motivate and increase students’ language and self-development.

Topics and dates:

  • Engaging Learners’ Motivation, Lesson Design, Classroom Management (October 28th);
  • Social and Emotional Learning (November 25th);
  • Getting along with Grammar & Vocabulary (December 16th);
  • Creative & Engaging Ways of exploiting Reading & Listening (January 27th);
  • Creative & Engaging Ways of exploiting Writing/Speaking (February 24th);
  • Understanding and Applying CLIL Methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) (March 30th);
  • Using digital Technology in the Classroom (April 27th);
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behavior (May 25th);
  • Storytelling, Music, Art & Games (June 22nd).
All participants will be given a certificate at the end of the course. 

Ioana Văsuț
Ioana Văsuț
Ioana Văsuț holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature issued by the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca and a Master’s Degree in Canadian Studies issued by the North University of Baia Mare. She is a teacher trainer, holding a certificate issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education in 2011, and a teacher mentor, completing a postgraduate course organized by the University of Oradea in 2020. She has a teaching experience of over 20 years, with a first degree in teaching, working mostly with teenagers, but also with children and adults. She has been teaching English at Colegiul Național “Ioan Slavici”, a public high school in Satu Mare, whose classes she also attended. 

Ioana wholeheartedly believes that education is the key to making the world a better place, and that kindness, patience, empathy, tolerance, cooperation and mutual support should be present in all relationships. She likes to consider herself a multipotentialite, self-taught in quite many areas of interest, whose latest pursuits have been in the works of the human mind, which she finds fascinating, and the major impact of emotions on learning and wellbeing. 

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