Never Have I Ever ... Done Online Teaching

Never Have I Ever ... Done Online Teaching

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Teachers all over the world are facing unexpected challenges and the demand for skills we have never thought we might need… Digital learning sounds really fun and captivating for students and for some teachers but can bring many pains and worries to other teachers that are not really into the online thing. Like me. I used to hate being behind a screen, looking at the people in front of me through a window I thought I could not really open. But… never say never! We can definitely do things we had no idea we can do. This workshop is for people that feel learning should never stop and it is up to us to continue educating students even if we are not the type of the "IT guy” :).  Education matters so much that gives us the force to conquer new knowledge territories in a short time. During this workshop we will learn online class management rules, even how to do group work online, we’ll discover how to engage students in the educational process through a carefully crafted, gamified learning experience with the aid of the cutting-edge technology the interactive DigiBooks Platform offers. We’ll learn by doing, experiencing inspiring 21-century activities that will ease our fears of going teaching online. Because "I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” 

Simona Popa
Simona Popa
Simona is a teacher of English and psychologist who is currently the managing director of Uniscan Grup Educational and Active Learning Training Center.  She strongly believes the key to success and happiness in life depends on the way we get educated, and thus, parents and teachers have the most demanding job ever. She thinks language teachers give people the most precious tool humanity has ever discovered and has spent a long time on designing, self-developing and learning programs, rethinking education holistically and humanistically so as to lead us to discover and understand our true selves, so as to make sense of our life experiences and use our emotional and intellectual potential to enable us to feel the bliss of being. She runs self-development programs for teens and adults who want to go on a journey of self-discovery through psychodrama and training programs for teachers and parents. 

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