Let your students Spark!

Let your students Spark!


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Creativity is one of the main things that stand at the basis of the evolution of the humanity, helping us to adapt and face the challenges every century brings with it. Here we are, teachers of English, standing in the middle of the process, always adapting ourselves to give the best guidance to our students for what is yet to come.  


“Let your students Spark!”  is a workshop centered on the newly approved English textbooks from Express Publishing for lower secondary students. Let’s see together the main characteristics of our textbooks designed to help you motivate your students into getting not only the learning skills they need to acquire English as a Foreign Language, but also to develop their life skills needed for a world constantly evolving.


We have also prepared a free textbook for each participant teacher.


All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


We are kindly inviting you to explore together some inspiring activities meant to help you light the Spark in your students!

Ileana Briceag
Ileana Briceag

Ileana Briceag is a teacher of English with many years of experience in the school system, which have helped her develop her own teaching philosophy that guides how to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond. Her strong beliefs that one’s school education goes hand in hand with personal development, a process which leads to the greater good of the society we live in, kept her close to continuously studying ELT methods and always searching for new approaches to involve not only learning English, but also developing one’s life skills to fulfill self-development. She is currently an ELT Consultant within Uniscan Grup Educational and Express Publishing.

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